Dear you,

This might be the nth attempt of yours to start a blog. No, don’t cringe at that, it’s a good thing. It means that you still want to try. It means you haven’t given up on your dream. And probably, you never will.

Now that you’ve opened up this post again, I’m wondering if the thoughts of giving up have crept up your ass already. They have, haven’t they?

But babe, you remember why you started this, right?

It wasn’t the fanciness of the label ‘Blogger’ that pulled you in. It wasn’t even a brilliant money-magnet idea that you had and wanted to work on.

It was your love for writing for goddamnsake!

This blog, this space is the home to your stories – personal and fictional. You opened up this space for them. So that they can breathe here, exist and live as you watch them grow.

These stories are your babies. Do you really want to take away their home?

Yes, it might not be a perfect home but your stories still live here. You might still think that the name of the blog doesn’t really fit but trust me, it’s the feeling that matters. Not the name. Not the words.

They may forget what you said – but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Focus on the kind of stories you want to tell. Focus on what you want your readers to feel. Go back and think, darling!

And then, write!

Keep writing, my love. Do not forget that its where your oxygen lies. So does your peace, your joy.

Tons of self-love,

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