Book Title: Erika: A Thriller
Author: Mansi Narula Kashyap
No. of pages: 85
Publisher: Let Us Write Publishing
Genre: Thriller
Do I recommend it? No!

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

Thanks to Let Us Write Publishing for sending this ebook my way!

***This book review contains spoilers.***

This book is basically a psychological thriller and about the titular character, Erika. It’s written in the first-person point of view and is an account of her journey through her life after her parent’s death. To overcome her nightmares about her parent’s death, she moved to London from Dublin and was staying with her best friend, Lara.

Even though she was living a pretty standard life, working at a flower store, actively dating and then getting married after she meets a guy and falls for him.

To be honest, I do think that the story has really good potential. It could have been a fantastic book to read and be thrilled with if the book was more fleshed out and had a definite plot line. I really liked how the author has embedded certain elements of mystery throughout the book and they could have been used in even better ways.

But none of that was there, and it seemed that the author was in a hurry to write and publish the book and hence, did not work on the piece enough.

The characters were flimsy and very unreal. Like literally. There were hardly any distinctive physical description other than the scar on Ethan’s nose. The characters mentioned in the book were just skeletal structures which could seem real if they were fleshed out. And I repeat, there was plenty of room to do that. It would’ve worked magic.

The book is somewhat set in London and Paris. However, the essence of the setting that should vibe out of the page… was missing. I wasn’t exactly teleported into that world even though I wanted to.

More than the promised thrill, the book gave me creeps. Because every other thing that happened felt so unreal in today’s world (knowing that’s when the story is set). For example, the first time she meets the guy, Erika doesn’t like him at all. The second time, she starts liking him for no apparent reason. The third time, she says yes when asked to get married to him. I mean, how does that even make any sense at all?

Also, the parts when the guy starts hugging or kissing Erika, and she magically forgets everything that’s on her mind. These little unsettling things are bound to make me think that none of this is actually real. The ending only proves that thought.

Proving a reader right and making them feel accomplished can only work when the author had done enough to make the reader work through the piece. Otherwise, the thrill is just not there.

Quick Question: What do you think should be a ‘must-have’ element in a thriller?

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