Book Title: Irrationally Passionate
Author: Jason Kothari
No. of Pages: 236
Publisher: HarperCollins
Genre: Non-Fiction, Autobiography
Do I recommend it? Absolutely! A really good book for buddy entrepreneurs.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Thanks to Blogadda for giving me this opportunity to review this superb book!

Irrationally Passionate: My Turnaround from Rebel to Entrepreneur is a perfect book for a budding entrepreneur. However, this book not only gives out effective tips to the business nerds but also provides an insight into Jason Kothari’s philosophical side. According to me, there’s so much to learn from this book that it can be read by anyone. Entrepreneur or not!

The first half of the book was my most favourite. Stitching all the pivotal incidents from his life, the author has crafted the book quite beautifully. Not for a moment, did I feel that this book is spewing too much information even though there was so much information to learn from.

What I found interesting is that, this was the life story of an Indian who did not grew up in India. Reading about his experiences regarding racism and bullying had left me open mouthed since this is not something that I’ve read about before. These incidents regarding his struggles of being an expat Indian living in cities outside India had shaped him and this book is all about that journey.

The author’s love for comic books gripped me even more tightly as I could relate to his fascination with heroes saving the world. But what made me read with awe is his tiny 12-year-old head calculating business plans. His passion was evident and had started to drive him right from a very young age.

Later in the book, while he was jumping in one sinking ship after another, emerging victorious by fixing every one of them, only reminded me of his childhood superheroes. Things start to get intense when he swoops in to save his favourite Comic book company from sinking. His devotion and passion towards the nitty-gritty of all things business left me in utter admiration.

“I was too passionate about comics to treat them as a casual interest.”

Jason Kothari

And that’s what he said.

Moreover, this book has opened up a lot of closed windows in my mind. It was striking how the author has managed to incorporate every little life lesson learned into his business development ideas.

“I believe life and learning are interconnected. Every human has potential. The key is figuring out how to unlock that potential and apply it in other areas. If you pay attention, you begin to see patterns emerge. By utilizing a common approach of focused intensity and rigour, you can surmount new challenges and apply those victories and insights to other areas.”

Jason Kothari

And I couldn’t agree more with him.

This book serves as a fuelling read and can kickstart your thinking process for all those ideas you have in your bank. After all, even Jason Kothari writes that, “One of my most sacred beliefs is that thoughts become things, the latent becomes manifest.”

Quick Question: What is your favourite non-fiction read?


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