You do know that there are hundreds of shops in a mall, right? All of them open. All of them ready for us to enter their shops and look at their products and then buy one if we like it. All of them letting us know that they are “there” if we need something.

But we, with a limited amount of money, walk past those shops. Do some window shopping. Look around for a while. We hardly enter any of those shops, thinking that they might not have what we actually need. But when someone comes out and starts asking us what are we looking for, stays around and asks our requirements, and tries to understand our needs, only then we become a little interested in their service. When they convince us that they have exactly what we need, or the next best thing, only then do we enter the shop and look for more of those products. We spend some more time, we keep looking for the one thing we are looking for and when we find it, we promise the seller that we’re going to come back.

My request to all the ones who are “there”, please don’t keep your shops open and then sit comfortably inside. Come out and reach out to people. Because these ones, who are looking for something, won’t enter your shops unless you show them that it matters to you if they come in or not.

So, show them that they matter to you. Show them that they will find the thing they are looking for. If not, maybe the next best thing.

Because we, with our limited amount of emotional resource, don’t have enough to go through every product of every shop in that mall. So, instead of buying the thing that we wanted (read: help), we’ll go back home, convincing ourselves that we don’t need it.

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