Book Title: One Hundred Years of Solitude
Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
No. of Pages: 422
Publisher: Penguin
Genre: Magical Realism; Classic
Do I recommend it? YES!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

One Hundred Years of Solitude is about a family, the Buendia family, who found the town named Macondo, and the story revolves around the members of that family over a span of hundred years. It starts with the birth of the town and ends with the death of the same. I won’t give out much about the book because then the essence of reading it on your own would magically vanish. Instead, I’ll write down how I felt reading the book.

There’s something solitude-y about the book’s title that pulled me in first. I didn’t have much idea about the book or the author before buying the book (I try to discover everything about any book firsthand, if possible). Plus, I have also been recommended this book by a few folks. So, I was definitely excited to read it.

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When I started, I loved the details and the descriptions. The writing was quite genius as well. I was pretty taken by the writing, you see. However, due to the long paragraphs and the same names being repeated over and over, I found myself getting trapped in the narrative. For a while, I couldn’t make sense of what’s happening and why they had to name every character the same. But I liked it anyway.

I kept reading it because of one reason alone. The book in its entirety is a brilliant piece of work. I finally started understanding why the characters had the same names, why the book was written the way it was written. I kept reading it because of the way it made me feel. Because I understood what it was like to stay in Macondo and to be one of the Buendias.

My mind was blown with this realization. The only thing that kept poking me is the small intestine kind of lengths of the paragraphs (and some sentences too). Yup, one sentence was spanned over a whole page and more. Phew!

To be honest, reading the book actually felt like it was one hundred years of solitude. It took me over a month to read this brilliance. But I’m glad I did not give up reading this one. The book is definitely worth a read. I just wish I had enjoyed it a bit more.

Quick Question: Which is that one classic that you did not enjoy reading?


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