Book Title: Hold Me While I Fix Myself
Author: Fathima Ashab
No. of pages: 175
Publisher: BookLeaf Publishing
Genre: Poetry
Do I recommend it? YES!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Thanks to Fathima Ashab for sending me an ARC of your debut book in exchange for an honest review!

BOOK BLURB (as per Goodreads)

There is pain and then there is hope. the promises in relationships, the sufferings and the heartbreaks are all a part of life but in the resilience and the courage to fight back lies the essence.
Sometimes, you don’t need someone to fight for you but to be there with you and hold your hand while you fight your own battle. Because we humans thrive in touch, in bond and in connection with one another.
There is a lot of darkness in these poems but there is also a crack for light to get in. a phrase that’s hidden beneath them all – “your feelings matter.”


I’ve been following this amazing person, the author/the poetess, on Bookstagram for almost two years now. In the past few months, I found out that she’d been writing too. As an on-and-off writer myself, it always excites me when I find out other writers working on their novels as well. However, I was bowled out when her debut book turned out to be a poetry book instead.

It took me by surprise and I have been excited for her ever since. She had been sharing her process and a few snippets of her poems, and they did a good job of enticing me.

When she sent me the ARC, I was struggling a lot with work things those days and was working on a couple of review copies as well. So, I did not pick it up instantly because obviously, I wanted to give this book my full attention.

And thank the Heavens, I did.

Her poems are full of heartfelt emotions and most of them will leave you breathless on your bed. I have so many favorites among them and I’m also going to buy myself a physical copy of the book!

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being with you got me into thinking
we are saturday nights.
we start things wildly
and end up waking exhausted.


These are just two among a few of my favourites!

These pages contain poems and prose, about challenges, conversations, love, heartbreak, self-love, self-discovery, and many more that you will definitely be able to relate. What I especially loved about this book is how it contains original themes that are specific to Indian women. However, there are a couple of poems that also reminded me of a few of my favorite songs. It is possible since the topics they deal with are all very similar and we all kind of deal with them on a large scale.

Quick Question: Do you read poetry books? Which is the last poetry book you read? Do you have an all time favourite?


  1. “What I especially loved about this book is how it contains original themes that are specific to Indian women” one sentence to wrap the entire review. Kudos my friend you are on fyer!

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