Book Title: Marigold The Golden Memories
Author: Manali Debroy
No. of Pages: 132
Publisher: Partridge Publishing India
Genre: Short Stories
Do I recommend it? Sure!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Thanks to Manali Debroy for sending me a copy of this book!


If each of the 18 short stories in this book is a bead, then the thread that holds them together is ‘memories’ and the book is thus a pretty compact garland. These stories have mostly stemmed from the foundation of love, be it in any form. The book tells us stories of certain characters that are quite common in our lives. Even the stories are not unheard of. However, the book deals with quite a variety of issues that have the potential to make one wonder and introspect.


Short stories usually come calling me when I’m too preoccupied to focus on big bad novels. With this collection, it was quite easy to read through it and the stories were pretty pleasant too. I loved how the author has based each story out of memories and then built a stories around them. There are some parts in the book which will seep under your skin without you even noticing and it’s going to make you uncomfortable. A good kind of uncomfortable.

I loved a few titles, especially, One Wine Day. *wink wink*
Personally, I’m not a regular reader of love stories, and considering that most of these stories were romantic themed, the one that stood out for me was obviously A Premonition or a Dream. It gave out the perfect spooky vibe we seek for in the month of October.

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One more thing that I felt is that the quality of writing was pretty damn good in the initial few stories but towards the end, it started deteriorating. Besides, I felt like the book was lacking a proper editing process. There were many parts (sentences/paragraphs) that felt cumbersome to read. With a little bit of more polishing, this book would’ve been holding flawless writing. Moreover, there was too much telling rather than showing in this book, and to be honest, it bothered me a lot. I believe that opting to tell more than showing dumps information on the reader which is not an effective method of making an impact. If that’s what an author aims for.

All the stories in this book were quite basic. I felt like it was telling me the things that I already know. There was nothing extraordinary about these characters or stories. There was no doubt potential as I could feel what the characters felt and that is an achievement for the author. To be able to make your readers feel what your characters feel is one big thing.

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Overall, I believe that the author did a wonderful job in putting these stories together. I also see great potential in the writing and hence, would like to convey my best wishes for her future works.

Quick Question: Have you read any unique short story recently?


  1. Great review, sorry to hear that the stories started deteriorating, I have had that happening as well with other short story books. The first ones are amazing.. then comes the middle and it goes down as I read. I really like the cover to this book, it is soft and pretty.

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