TITLE: Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands
AUTHOR: Sanjay Desai
Conscious Leap
Self-Help Fiction; Self-Discovery

Do I recommend it? Yes! Especially because it seems like an important read.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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A captivating narrative that ties two seemingly distinct tales in an intertwined journey on a quest to explore manifestation. At the centre of the book is Jasmine’s dream of making it as a successful model in the cut-throat world of fashion. This tale of victories and failures is enveloped within the master narrative of Sanjay, an erudite knowledge-seeker meeting his spiritual guru — Ma. Set in the esoteric location of the Himalayas, the master story transports the readers to a higher plane. Together the two parallels create a reality that is all your own.


Let’s start with an excerpt from the book.

“Since she was a child, she had always tried to excel at whatever was supposed to be done. She had thought she would excel at academics and get a master’s degree from a university abroad that would launch her well into professional corporate life – exactly like most of her peer group.”

Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands

The moment I read these above lines; I could imagine myself in the shoes of Jasmine Arya – the protagonist. The narrator takes us straight to her initial college days comprising of a friends’ circle, jumbled up dreams, and an introspective mind.

As Jasmine trudges through her path to stardom, the narrator stayed generous in giving us all details about her life. Not only the ups and downs but even the mundane parts of her journey through self-discovery were poured into our cups. In my opinion, Jasmine as a character is tremendously relatable. She’s full of ambition and hard work and fortunately well guided. Moreover, she’s flawed too. She makes countless mistakes and fails to realise them for quite some time.

This is what I loved most about this book – A real and round character.

The book introduces us to a significant concept that will definitely help us get closer to our goals and dreams. Just like it helped Jasmine in achieving her goals.

“To see with the Inner Eye is to Believe.
To Believe with unwavering Faith is to Manifest.”

I’m sure you must’ve heard of the mighty powers of manifestation. But have you ever practised it? Have you ever thought of giving it a try? You can trust this book to guide you through the process of manifesting your potential powers.

What didn’t work for me though is the book’s readability factor. Since it’s a fiction, I was expecting a level of writing that would glide me through the events of Jasmine’s journey of self-discovery. Even though it wasn’t bad, it certainly was not easy to read through. It felt like the book skipped the editing process entirely. In spite of having a fairly good story to tell, the book was crafted using writing techniques.

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80 per cent of the narrative included “telling and not showing” which is always difficult for readers since it doesn’t help in visualizing the scenes. Grammatical errors were abundant and it hindered the flow of reading.

It was especially upsetting because the prologue was beautiful. It was starkly visual and I could actually imagine myself going up the trek to Kedarnath. Those pages were so good that I was already expecting good standard writing from the entire book. However, the writing quality dropped drastically and it was, to be honest, quite disappointing.

Overall, I would like to say is that this book’s content is a priceless treasure. It would’ve been a lot more enjoyable if better writing accompanied it.

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P.S. If you’ve read books like The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, then you’re going to love this book as well. In fact, if you’re just starting with this genre of self-help… better start with Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands.

Quick Question: Have you read any Self-Help Fiction books? Drop a few recommendations, if any.


  1. Such a well-written review… I love reading self-help books so I might as well check this out. Recently I read Be Better bit by bit by Nishith Goyal… I loved it. Do check it out you might like it

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