Reading is mostly a solitary activity. But what about that feeling when you have just read the last line of a book and want to discuss it with someone? I’m sure that you must’ve wished at least once that you had someone who would read the same book along with you and then take some trivia quiz together? Or maybe you’re too confused about what to read next and just want someone else (book clubs, maybe) to make that decision for you. Even better, you must be striving to achieve the goal of reading all books by a particular author.

Here are a few Book Clubs to the rescue! I have curated a list of Book Clubs that are active on Bookstagram (Book Lovers’ Community on Instagram) and are mostly run by Bookstagrammers. However, I believe you just have to be a reader to join one (or more).

Find out which one serves your purpose and do not hesitate to drop a message, in case you’re interested.

1. Ruskin Bond Book Club

Ruskin Bond Book Club has been the most active book club that I’ve come across on Bookstagram. It is running successfully for more than a year now by two amazing people. The hosts of this book club are Dhwani and Astha. If you’re a big fan of Ruskin Bond and want to read more books by him, then this is the Book Club for you.

Check out my review of this beautiful book by Ruskin Bond: The Room on the Roof

2. Feluda Reading Club

You must have heard of Feluda, right? The notable creation of world-famous, Satyajit Ray? There are several Feluda stories, based upon which, there are several Bengali movies as well. This particular Book Club, hosted by Moumita, focuses on the exemplary tales of Feluda and his mysterious adventures. Moreover, you can read either in Bengali or English translations. How great is that?

3. The Green’s Society

How many of you have read the heart-wrenching and tear-jerking tale of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green? If you’ve not read it, you must’ve watched the movie. If not, then you must’ve at least heard of it. Yup, I knew it!

Well, if you’re a fan of John Green’s Hazel and Augustus and their infinite story, you should definitely join this club and read the rest of the books written by him. After all, who doesn’t love his writing?

This particular Book Club is hosted by Saptaparni and Aman. I, myself, am a member of this club and I am having fun reading and discussing with others every month. If you too want to join, drop a message to either of them and I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to welcome you.

Check out my review and reading experience of John Green’s two books:
1. The Fault in Our Stars
2. Looking for Alaska

4. PsiSquaredPhi

This is one of the coolest Book Clubs you’ll ever come across! I mean their tagline is “Where rationality meets imagination.” PsiSquaredPhi is focused on Science or Science Fiction Books. Hence, it is the perfect space for science geeks and space nerds. It is a fairly new one on Bookstagram and is being hosted by Architha and Amritesh. I am already following their awesomeness and soon looking forward to reading with them. If you want to read more in this genre as well, then please do join in!

5. Fantastically Diverse Lit Club

Over the years, contemporary fiction all over the world has started to embrace diversity, even though on a small scale. However, we haven’t seen the same happening in the genre of Fantasy Fiction. This was fortunately observed by Uma, the host of this particular club, and hence, now we have this unique Book Club to turn to. She has resolved to make people aware of all the diverse fantasy books out there and let’s help her, shall we?

I was immensely happy that someone opened up a Book Club like this but sadly haven’t been able to join them for a read yet. But of course, I will. And I’m looking forward to that fantastical experience!

6. Underrated Reads Book Club

As it is quite clear from the name, this Book Club, hosted by Kajree, mainly brings out the hidden gems in literature for reading. If you’re also a fan of reading books that are gems but are extremely underrated, then this is a great choice for you!

7. Fables Book Club

I believe that this Book Club is one of the best for beginners who are starting on their reading journey or probably want to get back on that train. With books of the month pre-decided, discussion posts, monthly meets, and two fabulous Bookstgrammers, Suruchi and Muskan, to take care of you, this experience will be life-changing.

Check out their page and hop on!

Are you a member of any Book Club? Online or Offline? How do you choose Book of the Month for your club? Do you enjoy discussing your read with fellow readers?

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