The book in its entirety is a brilliant piece of work. I finally started understanding why the characters had the same names, why the book was written the way it was written. I kept reading it because of the way it made me feel. Bcuz I understood what it was like to stay in Macondo and to be one of the Buendias.

Be better than that. Instead of spreading hate, spread love. Hold your banners high and demand more LGBTQIA+ representation. Read more books by such authors and bring into light the books representing such characters. You have power to do this. Don’t abuse your power by doing something that can harm somebody.

The author’s love for comic books gripped me even more tightly as I could relate to his fascination with heroes saving the world. But what made me read with awe is his tiny 12-year-old head calculating business plans. His passion was evident and had started to drive him right from a very young age.