Hello there, folks!

Thanks a lot for landing on my page. I welcome you with a bouquet of best wishes and a plate full of smiles.

I am glad that you’re here to consider me for a book review or a bookish merchandise review. Below you’ll find my terms and conditions. If they fit your shoe, drop a mail to mspratyushasen@gmail.com as soon as possible.

  1. I’ll accept review requests only if the synopsis/blurb of the book interests me, regardless of the genre.
  2. Preferred formats are Paperback, Hardback, and ARCs. I have no problem with E-books as long as they are Kindle E-books.
  3. Paid review requests will grab my attention first. The amount will differ for each book based on the genre and length of the book.
  4. Payments are to be done beforehand via Google Pay/Amazon Gift Cards.
  5. An honest and unbiased review will be posted on this blog, Instagram, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon (applicable for books bought from Amazon). It will take me a minimum of two weeks to read and review a book from the day I receive it. If you require a review before that, kindly mention that in your request.
  6. Preferred Genres: Contemporary Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mythological Fiction, Young Adult, Women’s Fiction, Historical Fiction, Adventure Fiction, Children’s Fiction, Travelogues, Paranormal Fiction, Supernatural Fiction. Feel free to approach with Non-Fiction titles as well. I’ll accept non-fiction only if the blurb interests me.
  7. When dropping a mail, please use the subject line: “PAID/UNPAID BOOK REVIEW REQUEST – GENRE”
  8. If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, don’t think twice to drop a reminder.

Thanks again for showing interest. Looking forward to work with you.

Best wishes,
Pratyusha Sen