Here are a few Book Clubs to the rescue! I have curated a list of book clubs that are active on Bookstagram (Book Lovers’ Community on Instagram) and are mostly run by Bookstagrammers. However, I believe you just have to be a reader to join one (or more).

The Room on the Roof is about Rusty, a sixteen-year-old Anglo-Indian boy in Dehra and his quest on the answer to the question of “Where do I really belong?” The book does not necessarily answer this question for Rusty. Or for you. However, it has enough food for thought.

These tales, as you can probably figure out, include Gods (not much of Goddesses), sages, kings (but not much of queens), king’s daughters (princesses), and their husbands (mostly princes), curses, boons, sacrifices, animals who can talk, royal marriages, friendships, pride, demons, herdsman, ghosts, fairies, and mortal humans.